Stepping into Your Greatness


Each of us deserve to live the best version of our lives – and to do that we have to step into our greatness. Yes, our greatness. We have to give ourselves permission to live with less ‘shoulds’ and more wants. It’s not selfish, it’s healthy (for you and for other people in a long run).

You don’t have to follow a certain timeline in your life, and have exactly the same things that your peers are having. You don’t have to go to that party, if you really don’t feel like. Forget the FOMO. You don’t have to stay friends with someone who criticises and disrespects you, it’s not about loyalty, it’s about self respect. And yourself always have to come first. Surround yourself with people who love you and accept you. You don’t have to do the job you absolutely hate just because you are afraid that you will not find anything better. Or stop yourself from going for opportunities that might seem a little riskier but excites you. Sometimes it’s good just to trust our decisions and surrender, life has its way for making things work when you truly trust your gut instead of following the path of the least resistance.  Also, you don’t have to fall in love by a certain age with a certain type of person. Some people find true love at 16 and some at 46 (and I actually know these people in real life). Let it come, don’t grab first person who you think might ‘do’ – wait, don’t give in, don’t let your surroundings rush you and tell you how to live your live.

It’s your life, and it’s precious. And last and foremost – love yourself, as cliche as it’s sounds, don’t listen to people who tell you you ‘love yourself too much’ – there is no such thing. Healthy, not egotistical self love is the key to stepping into your greatness. When you love YOU, you are able to love people around you. Trust yourself, more than anyone, give yourself permission to design your live the way you want it to be and you will step into your greatness.


Have a nice day,


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