How to Be Happy

‘Success is not a key to happiness, happiness is the key to success’ –  Albert Schweitzer

Recently, I’ve came to the realisation that feeling happy came once we stop expecting things and people around us to make us happy. Happiness truly comes from within. It comes from doing things YOU love to do, from growing every day (not in height). It also comes from giving to others. Tried and tested. Everything what we want and need is inside of us, that’s how some people even in the best circumstances (lots of money, good looks, loving family) are still miserable while others having seemingly so little, very often lead a happy fulfilling lives. The more people I meet, the more I get to see this phenomenon. So if happiness is a choice, if it’s something we cultivate from within and have control of (there is even 3 ingredient recipe for it which I gave away in this post) – why would we choose to be anything but happy?

Nowadays, some people argue that happiness should not be expected or thrived for as it’s just like any other human state. I am not saying that feeling sadness, grief or disappointment at particular moments in our lives is not ok. It is ok, feeling our feelings is the best we can do for ourselves, it’s ok to have a bad days and not to feel our best at times. Also, some people suffer with depression ad anxiety, which require more attention than simple mental shifts I am talking about in this post.  However, I do refer to those of us,  who sometimes simply lack motivation to beak through our self imposed limitations.  Happiness attracts happiness and misery loves company. Again, tried and tested.

I am convinced we are here to enjoy our lives to the maximum, feel uplifted and happy should be our main state of being, that enables us to go through life with ease, achieve our goals and live lives we dream of. So if it’s up to us, shall we commit to our happiness more? Shall we use that combination of giving, growing and doing things we love to do more often to live the best version of our lives ? A happy lives.


Have a great week,


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