Wellness in the City: 3 Gems of Frankfurt


I am a big fan of Germany.

I love the culture, people, food and German cities. I’ve been to quite a few already – always a good experience. At the same time, each place is so different, and has an unique vibe, so each time I get a brand new adventure. Before I’ve decided to go to Frankfurt, some friends have been telling me that it is boring and more like ‘Big Canary Wharf’ (finance district here in London). Well, I like Canary Wharf, so I was like: ‘Let me have a look then!’

Riverside walk

I have to say I’ve fallen in love with this city within the first 20 minutes of my visit. I guess a lot of it had to do with a brilliant weather throughout my stay. Because of it, I’ve had a chance to explore the city from my favourite angle – see what it has to offer outdoors that would benefit my wellness. I’ve discovered a lot of cool spots, but my attention was captivated by 3 places that appeared to be truly unique. For me, all of them symbolise relaxation and nourishing my body and mind, in one way or another. Those 3  places are:

1.Rothschild Park. I’ve discovered it while exploring central business district known as Bankenviertel. The first association for me was Central Park in New York. The park is medium sized, has been there for the past 200 years and is surrounded by skyscrapers. Relaxing and quiet atmosphere completely sold it to me. It’s amazing to have a place like that for all those people who work around there (well or a curious tourist like I was that day). It’s a place where you can simply relax, connect to nature and run away from the city without running away, quite the opposite – staying in the very center of it.


2. Cathedral. Tall Gothic style tower that it would be difficult to miss, is located in the old town of Frankfurt. The entrance cost 3 euros (or kissing on a cheek middle aged men who was selling the tickets, personally I’ve stuck with 3 euros option). Little did I know that you had to climb 324 steps to reach the observation deck, and the stairs were really steep with little surrounding space. It was quite challenging and no gym session could prepare me for this. Funnily enough, in my head, I made a reference to a book that I’ve just started to read that morning called Beyond Impossible where ultrarunner Mimi Anderson shares her story on coping with longest run in her life mentally and physically. Basically yes, if Mimi could do it, I could do it too. 😉 It was an experience, especially that I constantly had to bump into people on the way and everyone were sharing an info on ‘how far has left’. However, once I reached the deck, and looked around, I’ve realised, that it was so worth it. The view was incredible, and I was able to see the whole city from every possible angle. It was an absolute bliss point, the best view came after the hardest climb; What happens so often in life. Go there and experience this yourself.


3. Das Eis Organic ice cream cafe. This one I’ve discovered shortly after my epic stair climb. Whilst there are so many ice cream places in the city – this has captured my attention due to the quality of a product, taste and variety. They also have plenty of Vegan and Gluten Free options, it is worth checking out!

Delicious vegan ice-cream

Until next time,


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