Plant Based Berlin


Berlin is a vibrant city full of history, alternative lifestyles and dining diversity.

Food scene is incredible, seriously. By the end of the trip myself and a friend who also came from London were questioned if we have been starving ourselves before our visit as we would constantly repeat how good food was. As funny as it sounds, almost every meal that we had there was incredibly tasty.

At the beginning of the year, I switched to plant based (vegan) diet (I am gonna talk more about it in the future), so finding such a diverse food scene with so many animal product free options felt like a heavenly place to me.

Below I will list my personal top 3 food spots in Berlin.

This vegan burger and tofu stick we have found in Markthalle Neun. It’s a food market close to East Side Gallery that serves variety of cuisines including multiple vegan options.

It was the best Vegan burger I have had so far. Pink bun of course was initial selling point.

Markthalle Neun is not only a great food spot but also a very trendy place to hang out, I mean look at this:

Another great spot for plant based eaters visiting Berlin is organic veggie dumplings restaurant momos which is close to Museum Island. Most of their dumplings are vegan, so you have a wide range of selection to choose from.

This is how our shared dumplings portion looked like:

We have selected 3 different types of dumplings,  it was super tasty and so filling! Good value for the price and relaxing atmosphere which is ideal after exploring the Museum Island.

Yes, decorations sold it to me too:

And the highlight meal of the trip was restaurant Chipps located in Mitte borough where we had brunch on the last day of our trip in Berlin. It was perfect brunch place, we ended up staying there for almost 2 hours, tried about half of what’s on menu because every bite we had was delicious. It was quite busy so I would advice you to book your spot in advance.

Both myself and my non-vegan friends enjoyed our meal.


I still think my ‘Balanced Soul’ chia seed pudding was the best one though. Heaven.


Those were my food highlights in Berlin. It’s such a great city full of everything, including great food places. I strongly recommend going and exploring this city yourself, and checking out these food heaven spots I’ve listed.


And of course photo of me, in action:

This is me drinking my smoothie (they are very tasty too) next to East Side Gallery



Until next time,


BMS Adventures



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