Experiencing Reiki


Time to… SHINE


I’ve seen these words once I picked up business card lying on the desk dedicated to Reiki, at The Best You Expo last weekend.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

I only found out about Reiki technique couple of weeks ago, and was curious to try it myself.  This was a perfect opportunity to do so.

I approached London based Reiki master Pernille Hildorf who was standing at the expo and booked a session, which lasted 20 minutes and costed 25 pounds.

Next thing I know, I was sitting on the chair in front of Pernille who was explaining me what I should expect to feel during the session.

At this stage, I was asked to relax as much as possible which I agreed to but I have to say it was easier in theory than in practice, as my mind just would not give in that easily.

However, I managed to concentrate, relax, close my eyes and just think of the beach as it was suggested. A few minutes into a session, I have started to feel pulsing sensation that took over my body. I have never experienced anything similar but it felt like my body was moving slowly back and forward without me consciously doing anything. Although it felt unusual it was pleasant experience rather than intimidating one. As I was explained later, it was a feeling of energy flowing through the body.

Once my session was finished, Pernille had a little chat with me where she asked how I was feeling, mentioning that I don’t have any energy blocks in different parts of my body, apart from something minor in my throat. That was interesting because that morning I woke up with a soar throat (my voice was not affected by it so she could not simply guess).

I am glad I have tried Reiki technique, I have to say I felt sense of lightness and clarity after the session. I was affirmed that my energy is in a good state, and body is healthy (well despite the throat), also it felt good in the process. Any practice that takes us closer to good state of mind and helps us to nourish ourselves is always a good idea.

If you are interested in booking session with Reiki master Pernille Hildorf who was incredibly attentive and gentle during our session, you can go on her website and find all info including her contact details there.


Have a great week,


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