Body Confidence

‘Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you’re better than everyone, it’s walking in and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.’


Confidence is an essential contributor to our success in multiple areas. With a good level of confidence and knowledge combined we are able to build the lives we want.

Nowadays, our general level of confidence is strongly related to how we look. There is so much focus on body image, we see images of fit bodies everywhere. Whether those images represent reality or not, it penetrates into our subconscious mind and creates this idea of how ‘good body’ suppose to look like. It takes a very conscious individual to question the images we are presented with, so most of us simply don’t.

Most of the time the target is women, beauty cult addresses men as well but still on a different level compared to women.

Having perfect body (that does not exist) refers to:  success, love, health, beauty. That’s what they say.

Lets be clear here, being healthy and taking care of your appearance is important but it is as important to build core confidence in ourselves which does not stem from how  ‘perfect’ we look. We should not punish ourselves for not exercising for a week, or eating carbs for dinner. Everything is OK in moderation. Focusing overly on your body leads to decreased quality of life, lower self-esteem and general unhappiness.

While being healthy should be our priority, seeking for perfection, comparing ourselves to people on social media and feeling guilty if we eat pizza once a week , should not.

I know it, because I have been there. About 3 years ago I was totally obsessed with how my body looked, thriving for perfection and exhausting myself along the way. When on the final year of university I put couple of extra kg on, the goal was to lose it. But quite frankly, the end point was never there. I got thinner and more toned than ever. Some people were a little worried, most of them were giving me a praise. So every morning I did cardio which I am not a big fan of, I ate mostly raw vegetables and was truly obsessed with what I eat. It was frustrating and not worth it.  I was super fit, but was super unhappy. I was given validation from outside sources, but inside I was tired of overthinking my diet and forcing myself to do cardio every single day just to be a little closer to what is considered ‘perfect’.

Anyway, that period has came to the end at some point. I believe increased amount of self-love and self-worth had something to do with it.

These days I found a bliss point in my fitness journey. I eat intuitively, focus on plant based foods as I love them, eat plenty of healthy carbs such as rice, potatoes, pasta. Found hobbies that maintains my fitness level such as yoga, circuit training, tennis but also are pleasurable, makes me excited and contributes to my personal growth inside and out rather than purely ‘burns fat’. I got into weight training, and I have to say there is empowering element in this type of exercise. It not only does wonders to your body but it influences your mind in a ways where you simply feel strong. In everything.

And I say YES to good pizza.

The message I want to share is that you have to love your body, treat it with love instead of trying to achieve some advertised perfection that will most likely will not bring you any happiness, or contribute to feeling truly confident. Finding physical activities YOU love, creating diet that suits YOUR body is so important. It not only shapes your body but increases your happiness, and it all what matters. I am all for balance in life, I believe that we should better ourselves but do not sacrifice our inner wellbeing in order to achieve some kind of perfection.

Meanwhile I just want you to remember that:

You are you, and you are valuable. Our imperfections makes us who we are, embrace it. Live healthy life on your own terms. Go through fitness journey at your own pace.



All the best,





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