One Year Wiser in NYC

Last month I’ve celebrated my 26th birthday.

It’s been amazing 26 years of my life, with its ups and downs but quite honestly –  no major regrets. I would say it’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve always (well mostly)  followed my intuition and chosen my own directions in life.

The most important gift that we get with each year passing by is a wisdom. I am kind of person who always focuses on now and the future; However, as most of us during our birthdays I had a moment of reflection. I realised there were quite a few things I’ve learned during those 26 years. These below are lessons I had to learn that became rules I live by at this stage of life:

26 Lessons:

  1. It’s harder to be hind than honest. Be kind.
  2. Trust your instincts. Act on them.
  3. Don’t trust your thoughts. And do not overthink.
  4. Timing is everything.
  5. Letting go opens door for new things to come in.
  6. Live fearlessly; Everything we want is on the other side of fear.
  7. Live at your own pace, Life is not a competition.
  8. To receive love, give love.
  9. Your vibe attracts your tribe
  10. Being alone is not being lonely. Spend quality time alone.
  11. Real friendship endures time and proximity.
  12. Friendship equals freedom. Friendship also equals support.
  13. Make your body strong, strong mind will follow.
  14. Forgive but do not forget.
  15. Time is precious. Do not waste it.
  16. It is better to be vulnerable than hurt.
  17. Embrace your imperfections. Inside and out.
  18. Create your own definition of perfect body. And stick to it.
  19. Love yourself first. The rest will follow.
  20. You can recover even after the worst situations, you can also become stronger and happier if you choose to.
  21. Make decisions based on love, not fear.
  22. Do not take sides. Stay faithful to yourself.
  23.  Knowledge is power.
  24. Love is only love when it is returned.
  25. To have better relationships, you have to improve your relationship with yourself first.
  26. Balance is the key. To everything.


To another year full of lessons.


I have spent my birthday weekend in New York so I am sharing some photos of this brilliant city (not better than London though 😉 ),








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