Building Resilience: Body & Mind

‘Fall seven times, stand up eight.’ – Japanese Proverb

Resilience is the key. Resilience is a factor that determines our success in many different areas of life – be it physical or mental.

The more we master a skill of resilience, the easier our journey through life becomes.

Standing up once you have fallen numerous times, keep moving forward when it seems nearly impossible – applies to both body and mind.

For body, we call it resistance training – we lift weights/ perform any other strength exercises such as push ups that causes muscles to contract against an external resistance in order to increase strength, mass … and get into our preferred shape.

To perform any of resistance exercise is naturally a physical challenge, especially in the early stages of fitness journey. However, the more we exercise, the less struggle we experience when exercising next time as each time we build more strenght.

Win-win situation.


The same principle applies to our mind. We build mental strength by facing and overcoming obstacles. All of us are encountered with situations that are not necessarily pleasant in that particular moment but if we learn how to handle them with positivity, in a long run they help us to build our inner strength muscle – resilience. Same as in resistance training, next time we become more capable of handling another challenge that comes our way.

We master resilience by standing up after going through challenges we face every day – not getting that dream job, when Mrs/ Miss perfect turns to be not so perfect, when something happens to those close of us, when friendships fall apart, when we are not where we want to be by a certain age, when we experience betrayal. I have been through all of these situations myself and by now have learned how to bounce back quickly. Sometimes when we see people who seem always happy ( I think of myself as quite a happy character) we think that those of us are simply lucky. However, in the most cases, it’s just people who have been through challenges and came out stronger, who have built resilience.

There are so many ways we can be challenged throughout lives, the most important thing is to keep seeing these difficult situations as simply a challenges, a heavy weights or that final push up which we need to handle just once again so we build stronger muscles, just like we do in the resistance workout.


Take Care


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