Beach Life in England

Recently I have heard someone I know saying that life is hard and tough, and I can tell straight away, I disagree. I am a big believer that it is our perception of it, our attitude towards things that happen to us is what matter, we can choose to see life as hard, or as simply colourful, as lets be honest its never simply black or white. Surely some people have better lives than others, however, it is safe to say that what we have and what we experience have very little to do with our happiness as individuals. It has a lot to do with how our brains are wired (which good news – we can change by incorporating exercise, meditation, yoga, affirmations and positive thinking into our lives). The choice is ours, the lives are too, if all of us take responsibility for it fully, we all could reach our full potentials easier and generally be a happier crowd.


Still all of us now and then have moments when we feel confused, lost and powerless. Again, most of the time we create problems in our heads and allow to take them over, it’s human, it’s okay. However, we have to be resilient, I recently realised that the only person who can help you –  is you, the only reality we see is the one we create ourselves, in our heads. It is our responsibility to see things in a positive light and remain resilient when circumstances are not ideal, when we faced with challenging moments.

We all have to find and learn our ways of coping and getting through those challenging times, on the other hand, there exist some universal methods that can help us to feel good instantly  – doing more of what makes us happy. It can be playing an instrument, going on a trip, playing sports, dancing – whatever makes us forget about everything else and forces us to completely immerse yourself in the flow of life, lose the track of time because of the amount of joy that activity brings.

To get back into my own flow, last week I spontaneously booked a weekend away trip to Brighton, I booked on Friday night at 10pm for next morning. I cancelled all previously made plans, just because it felt right to go ahead and escape that busy city life. I think the book my friend has given me recently The Life – Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight definitely had an impact on me. Best thing ever.

Here we go  – I am in Brighton, at 10 am on Saturday morning. It’s a windy but thankfully sunny day, all I knew that I need nature, good coffee and to do something active so I can connect with a fun and curious side of myself, experience simplicity and flow of life.

Brighton is a seaside resort in south coast of England. It is a home for around 300 000 people and tourist destination for many more. For the past 20 years its been in unitary authority with Hove and gained city status in 2000.

Brighton’s location made it a popular destination for tourists, it is well known for its cultural scene, shopping areas and its large LGBT population. Most importantly it has amazing coastline and although, covered in pebbles (all of us love sand, I know) beautiful beaches. It was exactly what and all I needed. During my weekend visit, I have spent most of my time on the beach, eating in the beach, listening to music, drinking coffee, watching the waves. It was so refreshing. Beach was not overcrowded especially if you walk towards Hove direction, it’s paradise for introverts who like their space on their beach. And those who simply live in London, and missing a little bit of space around themselves.



After spending my Saturday just relaxing, I felt like doing something active the next day, I had a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) session booked but my instructor texted me on Saturday evening telling me it will be way too windy for SUP session and cancelled our session. I was a little disappointed but did not dwell long and next day decided just to have a long hike on the beach instead. While walking I was passing by Lagoon Watersports  centre and decided just to go inside and ask them about SUP.

Staff who were working there were super helpful, once I asked about SUP, lady who worked there provided me with all info, she has mentioned that all groups for that day were full. And then she added:  – ‘One group just starting their lesson literally now, let me double check numbers’ – And guess what? There was one spot left on that group! She looked at me saying – ‘It’s starting literally now’ – I was ‘I am in!’, next thing I know I am putting my wetsuit on. I was not ready for it, but just went for it and had such a great time. I guess sometimes in life good things come unexpectedly and you have to make a decision quickly so you do not miss best opportunities. I swear the best lessons I get from life are the ones I learn doing sports.

2 hour long SUP session has cost  52 pounds, there were 6 of us in the group. Instructor was extremely helpful and was making sure all of us are actually enjoying our time there and learning how to use board properly. It was such a great experience, I would love to repeat it and definitely will.



Oh and in 2 days I already had my favourite place to eat in Brighton – Love Fit Café.

They pancakes, seriously.



Until next adventures,


Take care



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