FFF – Fun & Free Fitness in London


There is an existing idea in London that being fit is ‘so tough’, ‘not fun’ and ‘so expensive’. What if I tell you that, it is false wide spread belief – a stereotype. It is what we choose to believe, and approach we decide to take.

I choose to believe that fitness is fun in many ways and it can cost nothing (also luckily these days we have Decathlon and Sports Direct where you can buy your gear at extremely low prices).

This year I have discovered Never Stop London  – a free exercise community, created by well known active wear and outdoor sports gear brand The North Face. Their training sessions take place on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6.30pm. Before every session you want to attend you have to register in advance using Eventbrite.

(They also do FREE montly Bouldering sessions, but you have to be quick to register as spaces get filled in very quickly). For those who are not familiar with the term, bouldering is a low level rock climbing, that can take place both outdoors and indoors. I have tried it myself in the beginning of this year and can confirm that it is a great fun, I shared my experiences in my blog post First Bouldering Experience At The Reach.

I attend Monday training sessions myself and it goes like that: We meet at the Covent Garden store at 6.30 PM, we leave our belongings there and then run to Green Park where the boot camp style workout takes part. So far I attended 7 sessions myself and I absolutely loved it because it provides you with a sense of novelty that coaches create by incorporating new challenging exercises. It is quite intense training and it’s easier if you already are at least occasional runner and fitness fan, however, even if your fitness level is not at the peak, it is a good way of testing your abilities, very often we underestimate how far we can go until we actually try doing it.

Here are couple of moments from the training sessions so it gives you a better understanding what does it look like:


It is super intense yet extremely satisfying training with highly experienced personal trainers, the fact that is all FREE plus after completing 10 sessions and collecting 10 stamps you are also given a North Face t-shirt is mind blowing! No excuse not to become super fit, seriously.

Group photo – part of the session



Grab your trainers, your workout buddies and see you there!

Until next time,


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