The 30-Day Meditation Challenge


‘ To earn the trust of your meditation, you have to visit it every day. It’s like having a puppy.’– Chelsea Richer


In the beginning of March this year I have set myself a goal – to meditate every day for at least 5 minutes for the next 30 days. Meditation is something I was curious about for a long time but every time I tried doing it myself I would not succeed at getting results everyone was telling me about – a good concentration, relaxation, clarity of mind. I would get distracted easily, could not concentrate even for 1 minute forget those 5, could not sit still and would experience multiple thoughts running through my head; it felt anything but effortless. I was using Headspace app for it last summer but even then my mind would not give in easily, eventually I gave up after 7 days and completely neglected it as I did not manage to fully adopt it.

This time I made a commitment, I promised myself not to give up for 30 days, to do it every day no matter the circumstances, do it even though sometimes it would feel like I am not doing it right, just do the best I can.  Now I really wanted to make it work long-term and for it to become a part of my self-care routine – setting deadliness what usually makes things work.

My 30-Day Challenge Calendar

I have started with short 5 minute meditations that I found on YouTube, I would meditate in the evenings before going to bed, yet again, first week doing it did not feel effortless as my mind would get distracted easily.

A week into my challenge, I was able to sit still and finally relax my body and mind, it slowly started to feel more natural.

This below is my favourite 5 minute meditation that I found on YouTube:


Two weeks later I started to meditate 10 – 15 minutes a day, mostly in the mornings as after trying it once, I have started to notice that the mood I carried into the office was completely different in a positive way.  I started to look forward to meditation, enjoy it and slowly make it part of my daily routine. Results were incredible – even if I would wake up not feeling my best, those 10-15 minutes started to change my mood, it brought positive vibes and mental freshness which felt great. I discovered that it is a quick way to transform your mood, a mind gym, literally. I was fascinated with the power meditation provides you  – power over yourself.

By practicing it daily I also noticed changes in the way I think and see situations, I have always been a positive thinker but naturally quite an impatient person – I tend to react quickly to situations and that normally does not serve me. Somehow I have always subconsciously thought that not responding to certain situations makes person a weak, now I know that it does not – letting go of small things easily and being forgiving only makes you wiser as you love yourself enough not to let negativity in. What meditation does, it helps you to create necessary space for making better decisions and letting go.

I am not telling you to stay calm and smile when someone spills a coffee on your favorite shirt intentionally, no. Buy a tomato juice and spill it on them!


I am saying that letting go of small things such as ignorant comments from ignorant people or someone stealing your seat on the train will empower you and meditation is a great way to learn how to do it. It calms your mind, it teaches you to be more present and less reactive.

My 30-Day Challenge was set for March and now it is over, however, I continue to meditate every day and encourage people around me to try it themselves.

They say if you try something for 30 days it becomes a habit. Why not creating a habit that can make you happier?

Also I found  How To Build Good Habits post super interesting and useful so sharing it with you guys  –  you can use it for your own 30-day challenges!



BMS Adventurer Laura

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