Hiking Trip: East Grinstead Circular via Weir Wood Reservoir


One of the healthiest things you can ever do to yourself when living in such a big city like London is to get away from it on a regular basis. I am the biggest fan of England’s countryside; I love small cozy cottages, forest, tidy square green fields, lakes, horses, mud and gumboots, oh and small pubs with gardens in the middle of nowhere, where everyone brings their dogs along. I am a BIG fan as you must have understood by now.


Hiking in the UK is a popular activity, which not only allows you to explore new places but also is a great exercise and the way of expanding your social circles.

Last weekend I went on a first hiking trip this year; myself along with 10 other people went to East Grinstead Circular via Weir Wood Reservoir, Sussex. The trip was organized by my friend Anya Harris who is devoted hiker and has her own hiking group. If you live in London and have any interest in trying hiking yourself, newbies are always welcome on her hikes, so don’t hesitate and contact her via Facebook using this link: facebook.com/superconductivity

Weir Wood Reservoir – part of the route

It was medium difficulty ( 21 kilometers) hike, mostly quite easy but challenging towards the end. The first half of the route was a real breeze, so once we took a break to make decisions on which way to take for the rest of the hike, we were all in for taking the longer one as all of us were extremely ambitious and full of energy at that point. However, soon we have realized that this is going to be more challenging than we thought – now all of the sudden we had to walk up steep hills, bend down branches and jump over mud (poor shoes).

A little bit of posing after running up that hill!

Soon most of us stopped being dedicated grown ups and started asking our leader Anya how far is our destination, which was actually quite funny. It is extremely fascinating to see how people can change once they are pushed out of their comfort zone.

The last few kilometers were rather challenging but destination that presented us with nice food and good conversation took away all tiredness so we were soon ready to catch our train back to London. I recommend this hiking route to those who live in London and do not mind a little bit of mud. East Grinstead station is 55 minutes away from London by train, route is 20.1 km (12.8 miles) long and takes 6-7 hours to complete so it is manageable even in winter time when days are shorter.

Hiking season for 2017 is now officially opened!

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