Exercise for Body & Mind

 ‘To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear’  – Buddha

The other day on my lunch break that I was spending at the gym, I have met a lady who was 65 – 70 years old. I saw her in the changing room looking a little tired, like most of us do immediately after working out. I casually asked her if she had a good workout, she looked at me and said that yes she did, and that she does it for her mind.

As we continued conversation, she asked me if I meditate, I said yes; a coincidence but currently I am on this 30 days meditation challenge (which you will find out more about soon ;).

Then she asked if I know an app called Headspace, hell yeah I know it, it is the most recognized meditation app currently on the market, last year I was using it myself.

She mentioned that her son is CEO for Headspace in California, small world! ( It is a great app by the way, strongly recommend checking it out).

Then conversation turned back to exercise, and she said:

  • ‘I love my husband, he is my best mate and we were married for 40 years but sometimes I want to kill him so then I come here, to the gym, and I feel happy again. It is crazy how exercise can clear your head’

I laughed at her funny remarks about her husband, but at the same time I knew that she just expressed what most of us feel at times. We often feel overwhelmed by others, fast pace of living, and constant rushing – especially in such a big city like London. Human brain is not designed to function at the pace of nowadays society.  The evolution of technology is a major factor in developing this fast paced lifestyle we live in; we started to do more, and to be less. We live in the world where we not only have jobs and personal lives to take care of, now we also have e-mails coming through, calls, texts; we also have to check how many people liked our photos on Instagram, and definitely send that dog face selfie on Snapchat. I do a lot of these things myself, but at the same time, I try to practice present moment awareness – learn how to be present in my body and not to be completely consumed by what technology has to offer.

The great way to do it, is by implementing exercise into our every day lives. Exercise is a way of escaping that fast pace, it helps us to stay present in our bodies and in our minds.

Benefits of exercise are tremendous – our bodies release chemicals called endorphins that allow us to feel happier, our energy levels increase and it helps to keep body in a good shape.

I do my best to exercise at least 5 times a week, mostly lunch breaks, as it really energizes me for the day. I understand that not everyone has a luxury to go to gym on their lunch breaks, but even small changes in lifestyle, such as taking a long fast paced walk in a park or walking to a station instead of taking a bus, can transform your mind and your body. We humans are creatures of habit – the more we do something, the more effortless it becomes. Making staying physically active a habit is one of the best things you can do for yourself, it transforms the way you see the world, your mind is clear and your body is strong … and you are then ready to conquer the world!


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