The Outdoor Adventure Show in Excel

2017 for me is the year of conquering my fears and doing more of what I love. Last week on my way to work, I saw Outdoor Adventure & Camping Show advertisement that immediately caught my attention as it sounded like ‘my kind of thing’. I like spending time outdoors and I like adventure, I also wanted to get some inspiration for my own holiday plans later this year.

The next thing I knew, I am entering Excel building on Saturday morning with a cup of my favorite almond latte in one hand and my first of many leaflets I was given that day, in another. The very first stall I notice is KAJANA CLUB – Fly Fishing , I am intrigued! Never heard of Fly Fishing before so I decided to find out what exactly is this. I was greeted by a cheerful young woman named Anni who volunteered to explain me more about Fly Fishing. I had a chance to look at some photos, videos and equipment – I was truly impressed, this sounded like such a cool thing to do. Anni is a young entrepreneur who owns this Fly Fishing business. She is a big enthusiast herself who is equally passionate about sharing her knowledge with anyone who is curious and adventurous enough to learn her techniques. I took her business card and entered competition for a full Fly Fishing Course myself. Fingers crossed! It is worth checking out her website where you can learn more about this unusual yet extremely exciting activity, book your online course with Anni or even get a freebie – 4 Fly Fishing Lessons for Free.

Me and Anni

As I continued exploring the show, my eyes got caught by something bright – ChillSac. Those are inflatable lay bags that are perfect for relaxation wherever you are as they are extra lightweight and easily inflatable. It normally costs 40 pounds but they tend to have temporary offers when you can get one for 25 pounds, so keep an eye on it. I tested it myself on Saturday by having a little chill session on one of those and it felt truly relaxing.

ChillSac experience

As much as I love outdoor activities and sports, I am also very much of a girly girl who has a soft spot for designs and styles. Accordingly, next thing to captivate my attention was a booth with cycling clothing collection by Bia. Every single item in the collection was stylish, neat and good quality. Colors, oh those colors, I will not even start about it.

Have a look yourself:

Cycling clothing by Bia

The final highlight of the show was a stall with active holidays in Alps packages by Alpine Elements . Most of their current offers for the summer 2017 include 7 nights stay in catered Chalet, flights and guided cycling/hiking tours in the mountains. I had a quick look at their website and discovered that they also host a broad range of outdoor activities, including: canyoning, rock climbing, archery, water rafting, golf, tennis and many more. Everyone can find something for themselves, I certainly found quite a few activities that appeal to me.


Attending this show was an adventure in itself; I explored many new activities that I cannot wait to try, met a lot of amazing people who live life to 100 per cent by following their dreams fearlessly. I even bumped into Outdoor and Adventure Education students ( I did not know this degree exist!). It is always good idea to step out of our comfort zone, be brave and allow our mind to expand by becoming aware of different approaches to living; Saturday spent at the show has certainly helped me to do that.

Inspired for more outdoor adventure,

BMS Adventurer Laura


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